Chapter Contents

Introduction to our chapter contents

Why breastfeed?
Your body, what’s happening
Can everyone breastfeed?
How do I prepare?
Who can I talk to?
Dad’s/Partners page
Good to know (The 10 Steps)

The birth and breastfeeding
Skin to skin and the first feed

Learning to breastfeed
Day 1 & 2
Your breastmilk is amazing
How…common questions
Babies are born clever!
Latching and positioning
Will it hurt?
Days 3 – 5
When the milk comes in
Hand expressing
Full breasts and other things
Breast and nipple care
Weighing babies
General baby stuff
Red flags
Dad’s/Partners page

How…more common questions
Red Flags
Cluster feeds & growth spurts
What is a “let-down?”
Weeks 3 – 6
Looking after yourself
Dad’s/Partners page
Painful nipples
Nipple shields
Tongue tie
Sore breasts, lumps n bumps, mastitis
Too much milk
Too little milk
Unsettled babies, spilling, reflux, colic
Baby blues and other clues
Managing other children

Babies change
Ages and stages

  • 6 weeks to 3 months
  • 3 – 5 months
  • 5 – 7 months
  • 6 – 18 months

Common concerns

  • Milk supply worries
  • Weight gains
  • Sleep/moemoe
  • Teething & biting
  • Feeding strikes
  • When baby gets sick
  • When you get sick

Breastfeeding toddlers and children
Breastfeeding while pregnant and tandem feeding

Early Babies (36 – 37 weeks)
Premature babies (32 – 37 weeks)
Very premature babies (24 – 32 weeks)
Special babies
Babble app

Finding support
Going out/travelling
Safe travel
Expressing & storing milk
Donor milk
Going back to work/study
Your health
Medicines whilst breastfeeding
Contraception when breastfeeding
Smoking when breastfeeding
Alcohol and recreation drugs
When breastfeeding doesn’t work out


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