Chapter Contents

Introduction to our chapter contents

Why breastfeed?
Your body, what’s happening
Can everyone breastfeed?
How do I prepare?
Who can I talk to?
Dad’s page
Good to know

The birth and breastfeeding
Skin to skin and the first feed

Learning to breastfeed
Day 1 & 2
Your breastmilk is amazing
Babies are born clever!
Latching and positioning
Will it hurt?
Days 3 – 5
When the milk comes in
Hand expressing
Full breasts and other things
Breast and nipple care
Weighing babies
Other baby stuff
Red flags
Dad’s page

Red Flags
Cluster feeds & growth spurts
What is a “let-down”?
Weeks 3 – 6
Looking after yourself
Dad’s world
Painful nipples
Nipple shields
Tongue tie
Sore breasts, lumps n bumps, mastitis
Too much milk
Too little milk
Unsettled babies, spilling, reflux, colic
Baby blues and other clues

Babies change
Ages and stages
Common concerns
Managing other children
Breastfeeding toddlers and children
Breastfeeding while pregnant and tandem feeding

Late pre term babies (35-37 weeks)
Premature babies (32-37 weeks)
Very premature babies (24-32 weeks)
Special babies

Finding support
Going out/travelling
Expressing & storing milk
Going back to work/study
Your health
Medicines whilst breastfeeding
Contraception when breastfeeding
Smoking when breastfeeding
Alcohol and recreation drugs
When breastfeeding doesn’t work out


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